Feb 5, 2008

Kilts on the Karibbean

An Invitation from my friend, Radslns Hutchence:

Are you ready for a break from the Highland mists?
Winter storms got you down?

Well.. join us for a Scots Night Out at the Boiled Shrimp in Brauni. Come get a Brauni Brau and dance upstairs or down or over the water.

Lounge on the dock or sun on the beach and don't forget the Catch of The Day.

We'll start about 7:30 SL on Wednesday February 6th, but of course, The Boiled Shrimp is always open!

Look forward seeing you and all the Caledon Snowbirds!



I hope that several of you gents will put on your kilt (everything else optional), and that several of the ladies will don their tartan (bikinis? little dresses? ) and come down and enjoy the music and dancing and warmer climate for a while with me. (Not that I'm finished with snow yet....but a little fun in the Carribean is good for everyone.)

See you there!