Feb 25, 2008

Guns, Airships, Boats, and - oh yes - Dancing

On Friday, the Conservatory a' Ghaidhealtachd was utilized by the Edison Corporation for their Masquerade Ball, which served as the formal introduction of this group to the Citizens of Caledon. Despite some issues early in the evening, the event turned out to be quite successful....a good time had by all.

The scene early in the evening

Dancing with Colonel Somme

Mr. Syxx Craig of the Edison Corporation plays his violin for the enjoyment of the crowd.

As this was the Corporation's event, I tried to stay in the crowd as much as possible, but I fear my hostessing instincts kicked in a couple of times, and I was perhaps more visible than I had intended to be. I did have to pop in and out of the event twice with some RL concerns, but was able to dance with a few of my favorite dance partners, and to speak with several of my friends as we enjoyed the music - and later the display of Edison products.

I am so thankful to Loch Avie's Own, the Caledon First Lancers, for providing an honor guard to the event. I am sorry that I missed the review of the troops, which heralded the beginning of the ball, but I hear that they conducted themselves (as they always do) with the utmost professionalism and grace.

Colonel Somme presents Lieutenant Gustafson

As we talk about the Lancers, I am more than pleased to announce that Diamanda Gustafson was promoted to Lieutenant at the event. During the citation, Colonel Somme told those present of Dia's good service to the Lancers, Loch Avie, and Caledon by her faithful attendance at Lancer events and her willingness to assist with any need that arises. This night that included rescuing the music for the ball during my absence at the beginning. She took control of the stream as needed and kept playing wonderful selections for the remainder of the evening. I have thanked her privately, but now take time to do so in this public forum. My sincere thanks, LT Gustafson.


LT Diamanda Gustafson

We gather outside to view the Edison Corporation product displays
guests including: Carntaigh, Colonel Somme, Loch Avie, Miss Wozniak, Cymru, and Colonel O'Toole

guests including: Kintyre (Lord Erasmus and Lady Lavendar), Lady Patty, and Cymru

Mr. Weatherwax of Prim Perfect, and Miss Glume
Miss Discovolante in the background

Dia and I examine the naval cannon

The next morning, I am inspired to put on the Fleet uniform and get a little ship piloting done.

I must say the Loch is beautiful in this light.


Diamanda Gustafson said...

You are most welcome.

Lt. DG