Apr 15, 2007

The Joys of Spring - Celtic Fertility Rites? or Raising Funds for Relay for Life?

I crawled out of bed this morning after much dancing and debauchery last night with a head that was not quite clear and vision that was slightly blurry. What is very clear, however, was that a grand time was had by all in attendance at the First (of many?) Naughty Duchess challenge in Caledon, and that many thousands of dollars were raised in the name of nudity and hedonistic pleasure - all for a good cause. Relay for Life.

Let me take you to the beginning of this story. It was not so long ago that many of us were in Coughton Court enjoying an impromptu ball-turned-rave. This event was chronicled in many places including this very publication. The idea of Drunken, Dancing, and Naughty Duchesses was first developed (publicly anyway) at this event. In Duchess Carntaigh's and my circle of friends, this concept has become a source of hilarious discussions and often of (not so subtle) inuendo.

As members of the peerage in Caledon, it is not often that we even have the time to think of such activities. Normally both of us are quite involved with the commuity, the war efforts, our various obligations and work. However, I will not try to deny that I remember precisely what happened last night. Nor will I deny enjoyment of it. Sadly this seems to have been done by Her Grace Carntaigh in Lord BardHaven's fine ætheric site. Does that automatically make me the winner for Naughtier Duchess in this round?

After doing some shopping and exploring on Friday night, I recalled that Steelhead was hosting a 70s Disco party. So I looked through the wardrobe and did my best to find something appropriate. Having done the best I could with this, I called for a tp and joined the impressive crowd.

It was at this event that the Sir Edward Pearse notified me that his Naughty Victorian group titles had changed for the Duchess Carntaigh and for Duchess Loch Avie. I changed my group to find that I was now titled, "Naughty Duchess". A laugh escaped me and the comments began to roll. Sir Edward - as a silver disco ball avi that I wish I had a snapshot of - mentioned that he thought he should have given Gabrielle the title of "Naughtier Duchess". I thought about that and said that I thought she and I were fairly evenly matched. Suddenly it was as if the gauntlet had been dropped....calls for a Naughty Duchess challenge were coming from everywhere in the crowd. It was quite amusing.

This brings us to the Ren Faire in Carntaigh yesterday evening. Many of us were standing about the event watching Exrex Somme and ZenMondo Wormser spar with swords, prim joust, and begin to look more eastern than Caledonian. We also admired the siege engine as it tossed many a Caledonian deep into the water around Carntaigh. Admiral O'Toole brought his newest airship to the event as well and had several, including the redoubtable Hermoine Pennyfeather, climb aboard her as we chatted. Eventually Duchess Riel and I were laughing about the very thought of a Naughty Duchess challenge. Shouts of "mud!" "jello!" and "chocolate pudding!" filled the air as did much laughter.

Gabrielle decided that she would love an impromtu rave at the faire grounds and so the plan was hatched. As the crowds gathered, we changed into more comfortable and revealing clothing. The music changed entirely...and fairly early on a few in the crowd began showing more flesh than we did. Most notable were Jabb3r and Ms Poppy.

The crowd assembles.

Funds were raised with the full support of our Relay For Life Captain, Lapin Paris. Both of us ended up in the dunking tank, which was most refreshing as several of our gentlemen friends were able to help us find our way, rather abruptly, into the water.

Here I am waiting for the inevitible while I taunt ZenMondo Wormser, Exrex Somme, Darien Mason, Hotspur O'Toole, and Edward Pearse. "You silly English Knnnnnnigggguts. Come back here and I will taunt you a second time-uh". (channeling Python there for a moment.....)

After these smaller events, which raised a fair amount of money for the Relay For Life, the bidding was opened for the Duchess Sandwich...for those who would be the meat of the sandwich...male, female, furry, demon....all given equal opportunity to give generously for our noble cause. At the end of the bidding, Mr ZenMondo Wormser was victorious and donated the stunning sum of 6000L for cancer care and research. Well done sir! And now his reward.....

The infamous Duchess Sandwich with ZenMondo the winning bidder...and the very fine meat to this sandwich.

The view from a demon's eyes (or a photo shot from Darien Mason's perspective)

Well this one rather speaks for itself doesn't it?

Others have reported on the events of the night, including my particular friends, Hotspur O'Toole and Lord BardHaven.

And now my thanks to all who have given so generously at ALL of the RFL events. And thanks to everyone who partied with us last night. Oh! So much fun!



Darien Mason said...

Oh yes, an impressive show! I do regret that I was so dazzled by the beauty around me that I could not see the sign to get the balls to dunk you with!

However, I certainly DID enjoy my view of the infamous Duchess Sandwich. Yet another activity for my "to-do" list.


Her Grace, Eva Bellambi said...


I am so glad you enjoyed yourself. It was great fun and good to help in the efforts to raise money for Relay for Life.

We'll see you the next time the Duchess Sandwich is up for auction. :-D