Aug 18, 2008

Boogie Woogie!

What a wonderful night we had last Thursday high in the skies of Loch Avie as we traveled into the future for a mid-20th century (1940s) USO party.

Iason Hassanov did the heavy lifting (how appropriate) on the decorations as he translated my vision into reality. Working with Hotspur, O'Toole, he created a wonderful hanger/base setting for the event. Once my computer was repaired, I jumped in an made a few final touches adding the stage, posters, piano, mic, and other nick-nacks.

Otenth Paderborn was fantastic in his musical selections. Unfortunately much of the early part of the dance, I spent trying to get a reliable stream of the music from human's my conference hotel room. Once I established that, it was a bit easier for me to fully enjoy myself. I did, however, miss a lot of photographic opportunities during the first hour of the fun.

We had about 42 avatars at the height of the party, but had a steady group of 30 or so throughout the night. Thanks to all you guys and dolls who joined in the fun - particularly our soldiers and sailors!




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