Aug 8, 2008

Into the Future - Loch Avie to Host 1940s Party

Well I'm still kind of down, but not entirely out. The MacBook Pro that is generally my portal into the Metaverse is still in the repair shop, but I am now hopeful that my human will have it back in her possession by tomorrow. Keep those fingers crossed!

So I am once again moving forward with plans for the 1940s World War II USO - inspired party in Loch Avie. The event will take place high in the skies over the Loch. You will find the teleportation device just outside the Loch Avie Public House (it looks rather like a Scottish jell-o cube).

Many thanks to Iason Hassanov, who upon one simple mention of this party from me during a conversation began work on decorating the skyplat. I am particularly thankful since I have not been on my own computer in a week. He has coordinated his efforts with Hotspur O'Toole and they have been adding touches all week long. A couple of days ago, I was able to get in world while my typist used her husband's machine and began work on the stage (there is still quite a lot to do there). But things are generally ready.

I encourage you to come in your favorite WWII uniform, your best USO costume, or anything else from the 1940s; however, that is certainly not required. Just join us and have some fun!!

Into the Future in Caledon Loch Avie

A 1940s World War II - USO Party

August 14th

6:30pm-8:30pm SLT