Aug 28, 2008

IT'S TIME - CaleCon Begins In Just Over 24 Hours

Hard to believe it, but the time has finally come to begin the trek to Stratford, Ontario for the Inaugural Caledonian Convention - affectionately known as CaleCon.

Over the course of the next four days, a few of us will gather together in the Stone Willow Inn for a time to let our humans get to know each other. We will discuss how we came to know and love Caledon, and what things inspire us in world and out. We'll learn about chocolate, animation, and teas. We'll dance and sing, and eat and drink.

And we'll share as much of this as possible with everyone. Though we wish you could all be there with us!!

Look for the announcements from Radio Riel about broadcasts and other things. Join us in world in Carntaigh on Saturday at 4:30pm SLT for a dance and the simulcast of the dinner and dance from Stratford. I'll be working to bring you the video portion of the night in conjunction with Radio Riel who is providing the stream - and of course, the fabulous music.

Schedule of Events

August 29th

Loch Avie's Cocktail Party

Late supper in town (possibly)

August 30th

Book discussion: Favorite books that enrich or inform your life in Caledon

Theatre: Taming of the Shrew

Afternoon Tea - Stratford Tea Leaves

CaleCon Dinner and Dance

August 31st

Posing and Animation workshop

Radio Riel Interviews

Chocolate Symposium

Dinner and Pub Crawl

Finally - this poem by James Hogg seemed to be appropriate to the occasion of celebrating both Caledon and the Anniversary of the Firth.


Caledonia! thou land of the mountain and rock,

Of the ocean, the mist, and the wind-

Thou land of the torrent, the pine, and the oak,

Of the roebuck, the hart, and the hind;

Though bare are thy cliffs, and though barren thy glens,

Though bleak thy dun islands appear,

Yet kind are the hearts, and undaunted the clans,

That roam on these mountains so drear!

A foe from abroad, or a tyrant at home,

Could never thy ardour restrain;

The marshall'd array of imperial Rome

Essay'd thy proud spirit in vain!

Firm seat of religion, of valour, of truth,

Of genius unshackled and free,

The muses have left all the vales of the south,

My loved Caledonia, for thee!

Sweet land of the bay and wild-winding deeps

Where loveliness slumbers at even,

While far in the depth of the blue water sleeps

A calm little motionless heaven!

Thou land of the valley, the moor, and the hill,

Of the storm and the proud rolling wave-

Yes, thou art the land of fair liberty still,

And the land of my forefathers' grave!

James Hogg