Aug 31, 2008

Where to even begin.

As I sit here in my suite in the Stone Willow Inn, watching several of our number as we learn animation basics from Kamilah, I am reflecting on the events of CaleCon thus far. BUT, I am also finding myself already thinking of the next one. We have had several suggestions about how/what/where/when not only from the participants of the Stratford group, but also from many Caledonians at large.

Having a friend or two in RL who have been part of event and convention planning - things of much larger proportions than CaleCon - I have been getting some advice on logical next steps. For this knowledge I am so grateful. You know me - learning from the lessons of others is something I value greatly.

Frankly, this Inaugural CaleCon has been wonderful; however, I fully realize that what this first small attempt has actually been is the first baby step to where we want to go in the future. A bit of research and marketing, if you will. But more on that later.

I hope that many of my readers were able to tune into the Radio Riel broadcast and the Simulcast of the Dinner/Dance on the media stream. There is mass amounts of video editing that I will be doing when I am back home and will post here and/or in YouTube.

Honestly, I really have no idea where to begin a discussion of last night. Words that I have heard used by those of us here in Stratford/St. Mary's and by those in attendance in world last night:

  • So much fun!
  • OMG - what are they doing?
  • Who is that lady in the blue shawl?
  • Yes, Otenth is the beard wearing the man.
  • I never dreamed how much fun and hilarity this would be.
  • Hoo!
  • Where is JJ?
  • Has anyone seen Sir JJ?
  • Oh my gosh! Look at Kamilah! She is wonderful!
  • Mwuahahahahahahaha
  • Yeah - but can they tp?
  • Is JJ there?
  • Oh look at Scotti and Kaye! They really are sisters!!
  • Hey who is that in the tartan corset?
We also had many explorations before the party. I will more fully review the play and the tea tasting in the next few days. (Frankly, writing this has been so interrupted by learning, laughter, and general good fun, which is just great!)

But for now, let me share some pictures.

Kamilah makes her RL debut. Lady of Light.


Rik standing in front of the SL projection from Carntaigh

Lionsgate and Loch Avie

Typical. All ladies dancing, but that was no problem for these independent women.


Neb said...

Thanks for sharing pictures! It was a hoot watching you guys on the web cam. I particularly enjoyed the mimicry of SL avatar animations. And the TP-ing (ha)!

I'm totally saving up for the next convention.

Capt. Red Llewellyn said...

Oh you're BEAUTIFUL! inside and out! so is everyone else! Scottie and Kaye are so CUTE!!!and def sisters! and of course Gabi is adorable! thank you for your reporting and the great pics! sounds like a fun time was had by all! now where IS our JJ??
~Capt. Redgrrl Llewellyn

Her Grace, Eva Bellambi said...

I am so glad that you both enjoyed the party and home that you'll join us next year!!

Capt Llewellyn - thank you very much for the compliment. :-)