Aug 4, 2008


Through the generosity of my typist's spouse, she has been able to log me in for a couple of hours since the great disaster of August 1st (dead MacBook Pro). His machine is bigger, faster, better, more. :-) Therefore, it was a great pleasure to have my human log me in world on such a fine machine, and then a few seconds later be summoned by Colonel Somme to the newest AM Radio exhibit.

What a joy!

The new farm house on the exhibit

I have known AM Radio since early in 2007 and have happily watched his work gain recognition and critical acclaim. His generosity cannot be understated either. All proceeds from his work go to charity (Heifer International being the primary recipient of said funds).

The photos inspired me to find poetry (no big shock there), but for a more full account of his work please go to this NPIRL article.

A picture taken from the skylight window.

"Honest. I did not mean to topple all the chairs over. "

I Felt the Sunlight
by Wang Xiaoni

Along the long, long corridor
I go on walking . . .
—Before me
there are dazzling windows,
on either side, walls reflecting the light.
The sunlight and I,
I'm standing with the sunlight.
—Now I remember
how intense that sunlight is!
So warm it stops me from taking another step,
so bright I hold my breath.
The light of the whole universe converges
—I'm unaware of the existence of anything else.
There is only me,
leaning on sunlight,
still for a full ten seconds.
Sometimes, ten
is longer than a quarter of a century.
Finally, I dash down the
push open the door,
and run in the spring sunlight . . .

Hmmm. New instrumentation for the Royal Society Offices??