Aug 2, 2008

In Which The Duchess Laments A Loss of Technology

Everything was going well even though my typist has been in summertime RL mode, which means that she has been in world and on this ætheric location with much less frequency than she generally is. Then last night she had a technological disaster happen. Her MacBook Pro was minding it's own business when

it fell to the floor. And now she finds herself hoping that the hard drive parked as it has been designed to do for the machine will not even boot and the monitor is cracked. She finds herself anxiously awaiting the AppleCare office opening at 6am SLT so that she can tell them her tale of woe.

Looking on line for the AppleCare support number to help my typist.

Yes - I can live (and so can she) if her SL experience is less than optimal running on older machines for a little while. It is summer after all; she has books to read, friends to see in meatspace (as Lord BardHaven is want to call it), and other things that she can do out of Loch Avie and the rest of the Metaverse.

"Not open until 6am, my dear."

The concern is for the family photos, the entire iTunes collection, and to a certain extent the photos from her last 18 months in world. These are things that either cannot be replaced, or would take time to recreate in the case of the iTunes library. Thank the Good Lord that many family photos are on her iPhone along with most of the iTunes collection.

So you will understand if you do not see me even as much as you have grown used to over the last several weeks. And please forgive me if the 1940s party that I have been planning does not actually happen on August 14th as I thought it might. But it WILL happen eventually.