Jan 3, 2008

A Grand Opening Planned

HG Wells Memorial Branch Library,
Caledon Wellsian

Branch opening, Exhibit, and Carnival Masquerade
Jabuary 5th, 2008
12-6pm SLT


The Caledon Library announces the first of two gala events to mark the opening of its newest branch, the H. G. Wells. Memorial Library in Caledon Wellsian. A masked street party on January 5 will celebrate the opening of the Library and its inaugural exhibit on the New Orleans Carnival.

Voyages to Imagination: A Carnival Masquerade

The roadway along the northern shore of Caledon Wellsian will be host to a festival of masking, mumming, music,and dance from 12 noon to 6 pm SLT on January 5th, 2008, a date traditionally observed as the festival of Twelfth Night.

Marking the end of the Christmas season and the start of the Carnival season, Twelfth
Night, the eve of the Feast of the Epiphany in the Christian liturgical calendar, has
traditionally been a time of merriment and mischief-making befitting the brief and topsy-turvy reign of the Lord of Misrule. The Library is pleased to invite all of Caledon's citizens and friends to these Twelfth Night festivities; a most hearty invitation is extended to those for whom Caledon is yet unknown, that they might discover the pleasures of this fabled land.

Masking is most courteously and heartily encouraged for this event. Appropriately festive music will be supplied by the able music conjurers of Radio Riel, and an assortment of seasonal refreshments will be offered. Opportunities will be offered for public dancing, as well as more private forms of entertainment, equally traditional in this season of misrule and
upending, as the spirits move.