Jan 23, 2008

Sometimes One Just Needs To Leave The Work

Even as the preparations for the Burns Supper are all coming together - and hard work still ahead - sometimes it's just good to heed the call of a friend who says, "You MUST come see this."

Such was the call I received from Lady Kate last night. She had been exploring in the mainland fairly near Sir Adso's latest property, and came across a beautiful and fun set of Protected Land Sims. She and I do share a winter-time passion: skiing. So that was all she had to say when I responded to her initial call. "There is skiing! Skiing across three sims!"

She was unfortunately not able to stay in world for too long once I arrived in the sim, but she did show me the slope and took a run or two downhill with me.

Near the bottom of the run

Well lit even for night-time skiing

I made the run a number of times. The whole of the experience is gorgeous and fun, unfortunately the lift does not actually work. Working "magic chairs" (as my typist's children call them) would have made the experience nearly perfect. The Lindens do provide free skis and poles (no scripting), and the ski animation which takes you all the way to the lake at the bottom of the run.

After skiing several times, I flew around for a little while finding not only beautiful vistas, but also a sledding run. Wheeeeee!

Double Black Diamond Sledding Hill????

Just the break I needed.....

Now back to the planning and preparation for Burns Night with renewed vim and vigor. The cold air, and exertion of sport does wonders for the mental health of your Duchess.