Jan 8, 2008

A Surprizingly Pleasant and Eventful Night

I arrived from the human plane last evening with nothing really on the agenda. I knew that I had some inventory deliveries which needed to be opened and sorted. I also knew that I needed to continue placing the informational signs about the Snowflake Ball this Saturday. Other than that, I expected that I would pass a rather uneventful night working in the Loch.

The evening started out just as expected. I took delivery of some portraits that my cousin and I had sat for with Miss Callipygian Christensen. Unfortunately SL was not cooperating with me, and I was only able to rez one of the several pictures. Her work, however, is most incredible, and I look forward to seeing how she framed these for us.

Portrait selection several nights ago

I decided, then, that I would go shopping for a little while. I am in need of a few things for the Conservatory in order to get it just right for the ball. Shopping was pleasant enough, and I did have some success. During that time, though, I decided that what I really wanted to do was to go on an exploration. I thought I might visit a place called, Nyoka Falls, which was recently featured in Dr. Fabre's fine journal.

To be quite honest, there are not a few places that he has mentioned of late, that I should like to visit. This was the first.

But....duty first. So I stepped back home and began placing the informational signs. While I was out and about, I happened to run into and Mr. O'Toole. We started talking about Nyoka Falls, and decided that we should take some time and go exploring.

I went ahead first as I had already searched for Solarya, Nyoka Falls. Landing in the arrivals area we discovered two lovely airships and a gorgeous air station. What was not clear to me initially is that this is a place that is just under construction....but my goodness...it is going to be fabulous. From the land covenant, I excerpted this information:

Coming soon: Solarya, a Conclave City on the Passion Trade Routes.

Solarya and its surroundings are the first sim in a new world. Delirium's Threshold (D|T) is an original Gothic/Romantic fantasy/steampunk mature RP setting. If you enjoy vivid role-play in a consistent IC atmosphere, we may be the community you're been looking for. We've drawn inspiration from a variety of games, movies, and literature, including Neil Gaimen, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Alice in Wonderland, Psychonauts, Bioshock (and Ayn Rand), and more.
Delirium's Threshold is a coherent, detailed setting for a wide variety of characters and their passions. D|T is a unique world that mixes magic, technology, and re-imagined 19th Century royal colonial sensibilities and technology. The Conclave is a loose alliance of Dream Kings and Queens. Their cities' prosperity depends on a steady supply of passion--from artists, builders, soldiers, slaves, and more --a city that thrives on your passions, and does all it can to provoke them.

The view from above

Sadly Mr. O'Toole crashed fairly soon and was gone for some time, so I pressed on in my exploration. As I went further into the city admiring the architecture, I found Mr. Sundance Churchill creating and perfecting the most amazing steamworks. We chatted for a bit, then I was hailed by my exploration partner and I sent a carriage for him to join us. After chatting a bit with Mr. Churchill about his steamworks build and some of the other gorgeous buildings he has completed for Solarya, we went about our way.

Mr. Churchill's Steamworks

Incredible view

I am unsure whether this large build may become a manor, apartments, or a hotel. The textures inside and out are very rich. And the view from the balcony is of the ocean.

This cries out for further exploration

After circumnavigating the sim, it was time for Mr. O'Toole to depart for human space. As I was not quite yet ready for my own bed, I went back to the Conservatory to resume my decorating and preparations. Just about the time I was mumbling that I was not satisfied with the lighting options that I had found along my shopping trip, Mr. Hassanov hailed me. I mentioned this dilemma to him as we talked. He was so kind as to create a lovely candelabrum for me right then and there. Thank you so much, sir!

Sure this all seems a little ADHD as I write it, but once I tried and failed again to rez several things out of my inventory, I thought I might try to place a few more of the signs. As I walked and tp'd through the sims, I discovered - and was happily invited to join - 3 particular friends of mine for a snow picnic, book discussion, and overall chance to simply enjoy each others' company. We - Mr. JJ Drinkwater, Lady Darkling, and Lord Bardhaven - sat there in the cool winter air at the Lady's Tanglewood property. It was a very enjoyable way to end the night.

Pleasant. Eventful. Most enjoyable.