Jan 20, 2008

Octopus Gardens' Party

Well - party may not be exactly the right term.

Last night after taking delivery of my new uniform for the Middlesea Fleet, I was chatting with Miss Tombola and Captain O'Toole, when I received a message from Sir Telemachus that he had a word from the Guvnah to deliver to us. I sent for him, and he joined us on Polymath Rock. Once the message about creation and use of the Caledon Jack for maritime combat had been delivered, we enjoyed quite a jovial time together discussing all sorts of things from the Fleet to music to whist. Soon Miss Persephone Gallindo arrived for a visit as well.

In the event, we decided to head over to Sir Telemachus' home in Caledon Cay, Octopus Gardens, to see improvements that he is making to the property along with new weapons vendors and the like.

What an interesting evening it turned out to be.

Clash of the Titans
As Miss Tombola, Mr. Dillon, and I look on, Torvold (a friend of Tele's from Torvoldsland), Hotspur and Tele spar using some of the weapons available in his Smithy

Torvold with battleaxe. Sir Tele with spear. Hotspur with dual axes.

Chatting with Mr. Stargazer Dillon and Miss Virrginia Tombola.

Without much warning, the Guvnah himself arrived to talk about all things to do with maritime combat. He seemed to enjoy speaking with the group as he watched the hand-to-hand combat below him and spoke to the nation on the state channel.
Torvold, Desmond, and Mr. K. Steinbeck

Our little party drew quite a crowd at times. At one point, Miss CrystalShard Foo even joined us briefly as she was testing out some portals - or so she said.

Listening to Desmond as he attempts to persuade a couple of our fine designers and builders to create his Caledon Jack. My typist had to find Morpheus' arms before anything was decided finally. I will look forward to seeing the results of his consultation and planning.