Jan 6, 2008

Revelries of the Last Few Days and Nights

Over the last several days and nights, there has been much to do. Most of which were quite fun, many of which were quite beautiful, and all of which were worth the price of admission. I now share with you some of those events primarily via pictorial display.

Minding my own business walking in the Loch when all of a sudden someone started shooting cannon at me. Och! Just as I was sending a call for assistance out to Loch Avie's Own and looking for my bow to shoot the villain I noticed Professor Krogstad beside the gun.

"Merely testing the range, Your Grace. Did you get any measurements whilst you were standing there, milady?"
I shot him rather grim look and said, " Mo nàir ort, Adso Krogstad! Mo nàir ort!!"
He pouted a bit, but stopped aiming for me.

On Friday evening, I was happy to join my friends in Steelhead for the Fantasy Themed dance. These Friday dances are always filled with hilarity and are quite a lot of fun.

Cave trolls, fairies, honest politicians, and many others.
Fantasy indeed.

Otenth Paderborn, Duke of Murdann, in his Isle of Wyrms form.

In what may be my favorite shot of the evening, Remington Pinion and Krystine Qinan

Miss Lumina as "Lost not Boy"

Yours truly as the Blue Fairie

Shortly after the preceding photos were taken we managed to crash the sim. Talk about a party! Most of us took the time waiting for the sim to recover to change into other fantasy costuming (the joys of a well-stocked inventory).

Hotspur O'Toole changed from Cave Troll to Alien-Guided Robot

Eladrienne Laval in beautiful Fae avatar

Lord Edward as my sometimes house "guest" the Red Cap, and
me as Dark Angel dance along with Mr. O'Toole

On Saturday afternoon, I found myself in Baroque styling with my mask on for the Wellsian Carnivale. My first attempts to get there were thwarted by SL issues (i.e. I was able to undress, but not able to dress. I decided that arriving naked was likely not the best idea in the world....so I waited a few hours to attend when I could be more appropriately attired.)

18th Century Eva

On my arrival at the Library's Carnivale event, there were about 60 in the sim. It was a lag-fest, but beautiful and enjoyable just the same. Alas, I could only stay for about 30 minutes.

Here I dance with many people including, Lady Amber, The Kintyres (Lavendar, Erasmus, and Patty), Scandaroon Beck, and my cousin Gabrielle.

Here we see Diamanda Gustafson, Oolon Sputnik, Gryffin Hax, and Lady Darkling dancing along with me.

Last night, I returned to the Loch from the real world and found myself taking care of some chores, taking in the latest exhibit of photographic art by Callipygian Cristensen, chatting with a few friends, and riding my Jun Work Skiff around Caledon for a bit....but then I finally allowed myself to collapse as the following poem floated through my head along with a few of the most special images of the last 48hrs.

A Mountain Revelry

To wash and rinse our souls of their age-old sorrows,
We drained a hundred jugs of wine.
A splendid night it was . . . .
In the clear moonlight we were loath to go to bed,
But at last drunkenness overtook us;
And we laid ourselves down on the empty mountain,
The earth for pillow, and the great heaven for coverlet.

Original: Li Po
Translated by: Shigeyoshi Obata


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Wonderful photos, Your Grace!