Jan 28, 2008

SynaesthAsia - Auditory and Visual Richness

Last night I was among the few that were (truly) privileged to be invited to a beta testing of a live performance project conceived and created by Komuso Tokugawa and MoShang Zhao. Komoso who describes himself as one who is "Connecting the real and virtual worlds along a musical energy continuum from Generative Ambient Relaxation Music to High Energy BoogieBluesNoise live performances" provided a stellar performance along with his collaborator, MoShang.

MoShang's biography includes the following brilliant bit of information: "MoShang is a sound jeweler living in Taiwan. He collects rough audio diamonds from the streets of Taiwan (be they overheard conversations, street-ads blared from the ubiquitous blue-trucks, street processions or funeral chants) and fuses them with traditional Chinese instruments and laid-back beats to create a unique blend of downtempo electronica he likes to call Chinese Chill."

You may find other articles and reviews about this team and last night's particular performance at Hotspur O'Toole's fine blog, which includes a machinima of the event, and at Miss Bettina Tizzy's Not Possible in Real Life blog.

I found the music at last night's beta test to be unique and complex; a very interesting and rich musical playlist. There was a good mix of ambient music and blues pieces among the six that were on the hour long program. All were brought to life with the particle visuals, of which we were invited to take part. Flying in and among the effects made the experience even more vivid. This is possibly one of the most compelling arts experiences that I have had in Second Life. I look forward to future work by these accomplished performers.


Eamonn Ruadh said...

Hello! I work at a newspaper in Northern Ireland which covers a samll town called Caledon and was hoping to do a story on the Second Life Caledon. I don't know an aweful lot about it and was hoping someone could give me a few pointers. Cheers in advance. ER

Her Grace, Eva Bellambi said...

Eamonn -
Welcome! I would be so happy to speak to you about The Independent State of Caledon in Second Life, and can certainly also link you with the creator of our virtual world after we speak. There may also be any number of other residents with whom you may wish to speak once you and I have had a chance to chat.
I look forward to talking to you. Please feel free to contact me via my aethernet address: evabellambi@gmail.com and we will make arrangements to talk via email, voice, or other method.