Jan 22, 2008

On Behalf of Sir Telemachus

Greetings to all Citizens of Caledon, Denizens of Winterfell and Residents of Steelhead and Brythany!

I am proud to announce the Grand Opening of Sir Tele's Arms & Smithie. My home is Octopus Gardens, to the right as the ferry lands at Caledon Cay, and the Smithie is in my backyard and easy to find.

I have long treasured roleplay combat...all in fun! To this end, I have scoured the Grid to find the very best weapons' scripters and animators. Currently, my Smithie offers the full line by Navar Harbinger in one vendor and the full, though rapidly growing, line by Stormie Frua, a builder who uses Navar's animations. Stormie has a Darkness line (very good for Winterfell) and is building a Camelot series...a complete set of period accurate Renaissance weapons. Many of Navar's weapons look quite steampunk in my view.

I am also proud to offer, free, the Honor Combat System by QaPla Xie...an excellent and very easy to use combat life meter; it is vended along with information notecards from the anvil at the door.

The current offerings in the Smithie are impressive: beautiful and functional bows, crossbows, spears, swords and daggers with styles from Gothic to tribal-primitive to Spartan; plus a lute which plays songs and can be used to hit people; a fist fighting system complete with wall climbing ability, and more. Many of the weapons have special functions; the bows and crossbows, for example, can shoot grappling hooks with ropes attached for scaling or light an opponent on fire; they can also cage any normal avatar, even one without a combat meter!

I will note that some of the weapons are Gorean....it is very hard to remove weapons from Navar's full vendor on his end, and thus may I offer a quick disclaimer: the Gorean slave prod is for consensual use only :) Ahem.

Please, come by anytime and browse. I look forward to many great adventures...storming castles, having organized and/or spontaneous battles, sparring for fun, as well as Duels for serious matters of Honor. A Code Duello for Caledon will soon be provided in a notecard from the anvil also, sponsored by myself and the Loch Avie Academy of Arms for those so inclined. May it be rarely used.

Love to all. And Happy Fighting!

Sir Telemachus Dean, ORR
Caledon Cay


Telemachus said...


my sincere thanks for posting this at my request. Tele has long taken pride in his role as an indolent lord...not promoting any business cause, seeking only good things for Caledon. I find his voice, used here for marketing, quite awkward.

That said, my goal, of course, is to make good metered weapons accessible to Caledonians who do not know where else to look, or who are afraid to go shopping for them. I make no commission and haven't even asked for rent from the vendors. It's all about the fun :)

Be well...love to all.

Now who wants to storm Vid's castle?

Sir Tele