Feb 4, 2008

Report: Middlesea Fleet Ship Improvement

Eyes only

To: Commander, Middlesea Fleet
From: Head, Fleet Intelligence

Subject: Murakami Steamworks ship improvements
Objective: Observation and evaluation of Ironclad handling tests; perimeter management

Received directive via secure channel on 3 February and immediately set out from the Loch in one of our latest observation platforms, apparently a simple steam powered skiff. Dispatched several operatives to control perimeter around the test site.

Having made my way to the testing location near Winterfell and Cape Wrath, I hovered quietly above the scene to observe the ironclad testing that was taking place below me.

Per your report, the engineers of Murakami Steamworks, were in the sea working on the new guidance and handling systems. I was able to pick up some of their conversation from this distance as well as monitor the tests.

There was discussion of not only a new handling system, but also of a new weapons/warfare system. This was not in your original communication to me. But listening to the conversation, it sounds as though, the improvements are substantial.

radio signal intercepted: "I find the movements smoother and more ship-like. The combat system is definitely much improved... the gunnery model seems to be .....(static)...naval gunnery and ramming....."

All in all based on what was observed the engineers are meeting project timelines and are going to have the deliverables required by your office.

One of several boats, which were destroyed in the testing. My God. How many must they have in reserve.....the rate they were going through them was amazing.

Further information to follow regarding specifics to the weapons and handling systems.

(OOC: For those who are curious, more information is already available at Hibernia on the Skids)