Jun 5, 2007

Exploration and Peace

It has been some time since I have really left the shores of Caledon for any real exploration. While my time last evening was brief, my appetite is once again whetted for adventure.

Whilst out last evening in Shengri La, my good friend, Shenlei Flasheart's new project with Dr. Rez Tone and several others, I discovered a wonderful shoreline and found myself sitting there enjoying the peace and quiet. I was most pleasantly surprised to have Shenlei find me and to have the time to sit and chat for a while.

I inquired about the nature trail that she mentioned as I have been intending to get Bucephalus out to stretch his legs for some time now. The poor thing has only been exercised by the grooms lately, and of course, loves to run the Loch. He and Nellie have developed a rather nice relationship seeming to enjoy one another's company as one swims near shore and the other runs near the water.

As we walked to the head of the trail, we stopped to admire the Destriers in their paddocks. Beautiful beasts! Perfect for a dear friend of mine, I stated. (I may have to return and inquire after one of these gorgeous creatures.) Just as I was getting ready to start a short walk of the trail, Dr. Tone cantered up on his own fine horse. At Shenlei's suggestion he graciously agreed to take me on the trail himself. The terrain is quite remarkable, and the horses did very well all along the way through snow-capped mountains and warm tide pools as we wound our way through Shengri La Love, Peace, and Joy.

See for yourselves...

Eva and Bucephalus stand atop one of the highest mountains in the sim.

Dr. Rez Tone provides the narration for what we see from this elevation.

Just gorgeous!

To the shore. Rez and I sit astride our horses as we look over the ocean. The lovely tea house in the background.

Here there be whales!! (and dolphins, and fish, and many other interesting creatures)

Sitting in the fading sunlight....finding peace.

Truly a wonderful place to explore, with many hidden treasures to be found. And the best part? The peace found by the end of the ride.