Aug 3, 2007

The Cleansing of the Ballroom in Primverness

A message was received the other evening from my good friend, and librarian extraordinaire, Sir JJ Drinkwater, wondering if I might have time to discuss a matter of great importance for the Bookbinder's Ball. The ball is to be held tonight. All are requested to attend this formal occasion as a character from a 19th Century Novel.

Assuming that my event planning skills were to be utilized, I pulled my calendar from the desk and agreed to meet Sir JJ in the Loch Avie Public House to discuss what was needed.

I was entirely incorrect. He did not request any further assistance with planning the event at all. His need was of a more spiritual nature. He desired that the Ballroom in Primverness be cleansed prior to it's usage tonight. Lady Darkling will be in a ritual dance prior to the start of the ball for just this purpose, and he would like me to join her. I nodded, immediately understanding his meaning. The last usage of the ballroom saw events that should never be repeated, and his desire is to exercise any of the bad spirits from the premises.

My human's schedule does not generally lend itself to SL activities at that time, but I said that I would most certainly do my best to join the dance. He closed his eyes slightly and nodded looking a little deflated. He was not able to predict the next words from my mouth.

But, Sir JJ, I will most certainly perform my own cleansing and protection ritual in the space the night before the ball. He seemed quite pleased with this response. I told him that I would provide photographs of the ceremony and the text for his - and your - edification.

Last night just after midnight in my human's home, I performed the rites you see now before you.

Taking my fire bowl and sacred wood and oil I traveled to Primverness. Upon arrival in the grand ballroom space, I lit the flame. Looking east and west, north and south, I circled and chanted.

I hereby consecrate this space,
To the Goddess and God,
According to My Free Will,
And for the Good of All,
I hereby Release, Relinquish and Banish,
In All Time and in All Space,
Any Negative Cause, Effect, Manifestation, Form or Essence,
Any Negative Event, Thought, Idea or Vibration,
And Transform it to, And replace it with,
Only that which is Positive, Joyous and Good,
In keeping with the Universal Harmonies,
Of the Goddess and the God.

This space is Divinely protected,
This space is perfectly safe,
Nothing and No-one can enter this space,
Unless I or my loved Ones allow them to,
This Space is Sacred, Consecrated and Dedicated to the Positive and to Good Living,
For myself and my Loved Ones,
And for the work of the Positive
No Harm can come to this Space, nor to any within it.

Health and Happiness to all of us on this celebratory night!

Health and Happiness Sir JJ and Your Graces!


Amber_Palowakski said...

clearly your cleansing was extremely succesful. The event was smashingly succesful, and filled with good will and joy! Great job, Lady Eva!

Gabrielle Riel said...

Thank you Eva. :-)

JJ Drinkwater said...

Your Grace, I am more grateful than I can say.