Aug 5, 2007

Journey to.....Mysterious Island: Eva's Preparation

After completing my packing list whilst having tea with Gabrielle, I decided that I needed to get back to Loch Avie and have my own crates and trunks brought into the manse so that I could begin preparations for the journey to Phillip.

So many things were running through my mind.

Obviously the sudden appearance of Phillip seems to point to sinister things. I began to wonder who or what might actually be controlling this....the forces of nature. I heard rumors while I was riding around the Cay earlier that Baron Bardhaven - a member of my own court - might have planned this. Perhaps it is true, but I find it hard to believe that he would have done such a thing without first warning me, as he generally does out of respect (or just to see me squirm), when he has plotted some devilish event.

Now that my "invitation" to join the circus - or rather, the expeditionary team - to Phillip had arrived as predicted, I also wondered about the other members of the group. All are familiars:

Dr. Oolon Sputnik, whose powers as Timelord should offer obvious advantages. I understand that he is likely to bring his companion along. She is interesting and delightful by all accounts, and I certainly have no objections to this as long as she will pull her weight in the work of the mission.
Gnarlihotep Abel. A grand adventurer and the owner/trainer of what will be our Sherpa fleet. The penguins.
Lady Darkling Elytis. Despite her recent bouts of falling out of thin air, or off of roof tops, her powers of divination and other magik are well-known. And she has always been a bonny raving companion.
Lady Amber Palowakski. The spirits are strong with this one, too. This assumes that she does not dip into the imported or distilled spirits too often along the way. With the three of us (Lady Darkling, Lady Amber, and me) on board, the God and Goddess should never be far from the expedition's side.
Her Grace Gabrielle Riel. She is convinced to come along, and tells me that she has received her letter of invitation as well. She will bring fight and fire to this adventure - Phillip may have met his match. And she does have the music for the parties in the event that we need to entertain ourselves or the natives.
Zealot Benmergui, Baron of Bardhaven. Of which much has been written, but little evidence found. He who would lead this group to Phillip with uncertain motives.
And me. Duchess. Scientist. Distiller (that bit should also come in handy along the way). I have some knowledge of intelligence work and battles.

As I went about the house thinking about this motley crew, and collecting the items I needed, I decided that there were a few things to do before heading to the dock.

Calling on my Knight, Sir Telemachus, I requested some instruction and sparing with the new bow that I had just received from the north lands.

I certainly want to be prepared for any eventuality. Who knows what lurks underneath that mountain?

Sir Tele is a fine instructor - and perhaps was not running as fast as he normally would have - but I think my skills with this bow are improving.

Once that was completed and Sir Telemachus was thanked and charged with care of the Loch in my absence, I returned to my private chambers to check on the readiness of the crates and changed into some proper adventure attire.

Bows, pistol, Claymore, sword, dirk, whisky, ladies spy camera, clothes....

Then decided I should swing by the offices of the Royal Society for a few pieces of equipment and to determine if Kate had any of the data from Phillip interpretted as yet.

Yes - I believe we will need some of this equipment.

Ah yes, the hygroseismogrometer...just what we need on the island.

Here is the data I was looking for, along with several files on the team members. I note that Lady Darkling's file is quite a bit thicker than I would have imagined. I really had no idea that she had been published so frequently. I really must sit down to some herbal tea with her and discuss these articles.

Some of the data requiring further study, although I did sign off on this yesterday.

This was on the desk as well plus several other notebook entries, which may be found at the Offices of the Royal Society.

In a few hours we will be underway......