Aug 13, 2007

Two Members of the Court of Loch Avie Hold a Recommitment Ceremony

Last week the Baron and Baroness Bardhaven held a re-collaring ceremony after nearly 20 months together in their Second Lives. The lovely ceremony was witnessed by a few friends of the couple. I was certainly privileged to be present for the exchange of vows.

Hyacinth Tiramisu, Terry Lightfoot, Lady Darkling Elytis, and Serra Anansi

The Duchess Carntaigh, Sachi Vixen, Bullpup Udal, and The Duchess Loch Avie

Zealot and Kirawill~ You have my love and best wishes for many more happy years together.


Kira said...

Thank you for the lovely blog post. A couple corrections, however. The dear lady you list as Hypatia is actually hyasynth Tiramisu, of Silent Sparrow fame, and the gentleman who is unnamed is Bullpup Udal.

Thank you again for your kind words, they are much appreciated and taken to heart.

-- kirawill

Her Grace, Eva Bellambi said...

My thanks to you, Baroness. I was hoping for the gentleman's name.

And as for my mistake on Miss Tiramisu's name, I think that was made as I had not yet had my morning coffee. I actually did know who that was.

All corrections have been made, my friend.