Aug 23, 2007

Eugenia Burton is Tartan For A Day

As has been reported elsewhere, after the formal portion of my ball to celebrate Taigh Ròis, we transitioned to a traditional Caledonian rave. That night, though, we also completed what I believe was the last outstanding Relay for Life event. Miss Eugenia Burton had bid for the opportunity to join Little Eva and the Tartans for one night as we donned the tartan of our State and danced the night away at one of the last RFL auctions of the season.

As the music blared and the Tartans and I gathered....getting our choreography worked out, Miss Burton arrived.

It was Miss Burton, wasn't it? Well that is what her HUD said, but she had changed form for the occasion. Suddenly she was Mr. JJ Drinkwater's evil twin.....but suspiciously she did not have the required goatee that evil twins must have.

At any rate we all had a grand time.

Little Eva and the Tartans work the floor

We'll see you again soon at a rave near you.


Eladrienne Laval said...

I had so much fun that night! We Caledonians have the best parties!

Kate Nicholas, F.R.S. said...

Drat; clearly, I missed an epic party. And I don't even have a good RL story to equal what was missed.

Having said that ... one wonders just how an RL production of "Little Eva and the Tartans would look." Hmm ...

Telemachus said...

Ah....I will never look at the Caledon flag the same after seeing what can be done with her tartan....

Long may she wave.


Barken Roff said...

Methinks I huffed off too soon!!!

Finally, a portion of Caledon WORTH revealing!!

Count Barken Roff
Vulgarian Ambassador to Caledon

Amber_Palowakski said...

As usual, I had a splendid time!