Aug 1, 2007

An itch that needs to be scratched

Caledon has been so lovely of late. Summertime events. Relay For Life now successfully completed. Dancing and talking with friends. Carriage rides through the towns. Picnics on the green. Despite all this, you may have noticed that many of my recent activities have taken me further afield and into different circumstances. Although, I continue to enjoy planning future events - really now, those of you who know me know that I LOVE planning events for Loch Avie and for Caledon - and spending time with my wonderful friends and neighbors, I find that I have a desire or need to have an adventure. Here or elsewhere.

Perhaps because I am descended from the warriors and strong women of old and those who fought bravely at Culloden, and having been trained by my father and his clansmen (as his only heir) in the finer points of exploration, intelligence gathering, and combat, I find my mind drifting toward some greater adventure. Or maybe it is the scientist in me that needs something greater to occupy my time. Just a mid-year itch? Who knows?

I decided to have a walk the other day to clear my mind and try to determine the cause of this wanderlust.

As I roamed around the Loch, I found Professor Krogstad (Sir Adso), digging in the glen near Nellie's cove.

Excitedly he told me that he believes that he has found remains of a Bronze Age person right in my back yard! I am so pleased for I delight in history and discovery, too.

He has certainly found his adventure for some time to come. Perhaps he will need some assistance from me, although, he assured me that Lady Kate Nicholas is planning on assisting with this dig personally. I suspect they have begun to unlock some mysteries, and I am sure we will all know more about that soon.

Last evening I found myself again searching....seeking....planning. What would I do next?

Where would I travel?

The others in the Royal Society seem to be well occupied at present. Perhaps I should contact Sir Telemachus regarding the combat system testing. Perhaps I should contact Colonel O'Toole to see where the Explorers are headed next. Perhaps Her Grace Primverness and I might take another run together somewhere. The possibilities are really endless. I simply must find the key.

Suddenly as I paced the upper level of the manse, an enormous shock-wave hit the Loch. As I was righting myself and trying to return my bookcases to their previous state, I heard what can only be described as a low-pitched rumble. The kind of rumble that one feels in one's bones. I was fairly vibrating from it. I looked out the windows and around my surroundings finding that Nellie was extremely upset and and thrashing about in her cove. Lady Kate and Sir Adso were quickly covering the dig and heading to the Royal Society Offices. Then climbing to the top of the tower, I saw what appeared to be smoke and ash billowing over Caledon from the direction of the Cay.

What is God's name has happened?

Perhaps my adventure has found me.

It begins here.