Aug 21, 2007

In Celebration of Hearth and Home - Taigh Ròis

It is with a sincere happiness and gratitude that I send my thanks to all who blessed my home by your presence and good will on Saturday, August 18th (and well into Sunday, August 19th).

We began the evening mingling around the fire in Taigh Ròis, greeting one another, sharing a dram or two of Uisge Beatha - perhaps a goblet or two of Absinthe, and meeting a few new-comers to Caledon. As the formal portion of the ball began, Her Grace Carntaigh provided a perfect blend of traditional Caledonian ball music, with liberal use of the pipes and drums. How at home I felt surrounded by my friends and fellow citizens in the warmth of my new home with music of the Highlands lilting in the air.

My sincere thanks to Grafinya Inbhir Abigh, Lady Kate Nicholas, for all her hard work on the manse. It is her ability to translate my vision into pixelated reality that permits Taigh Ròis to even exist. I am sad that RL kept her from attending the ball, but she and her work were certainly discussed and appreciated by all in attendance that night.

Now a few momentos of the evening.

The first dance of the ball, which I had the honour of sharing with Colonel Exrex Somme. (above and below)

The guests continue to arrive as the dancing progresses.

Earl and Countess Primbroke dance together as Professor Krogstad looks on.

The view from above of the beautiful ballroom.

Lady Darkling Elytis dances with Ambassador Roff

Beautiful ladies of Caledon

Miss Lammington enjoys a dance.

Dancing with Mr. Otenth Paderborn

Enjoying a slow dance with my dear friend, Professor Adso Krogstad

Coming soon:

Tartan for a Day - pics (the late night party at Taigh Ròis)


The Loch Avie Academy of Arms is open and taking members.


Telemachus said...

Your Grace,

yet another Caledon social event I missed, and one I would not have missed were there any other way. My sincere congratulations on naming and opening your Home. I have seen it, and am in awe of Lady Kate's work.

Hope to see you no the practice green for another are learning quickly...and when you get a moment, I need your creative input on the titlers for the Academy Group. I cannot live with "Member" and putting Instructor over my head was merely because I was playing with the menus. You need a title, as does H and I, and the Officers who help us plan things (so far we have one, Miss Gustafson) and of course everyone who joins should have something nice to float over their heads...I will try to do a bit of research myself, if I can, today.

I do hope you are well :)

Sir Tele

Her Grace, Eva Bellambi said...

Sir Tele -
I know you would have been there if there had been any possibility of that.

As for the Loch Avie Academy of Arms, I am glad that you are beginning to bring members into the group. We will come up with some appropriate titles, not to worry.

I have had the pleasure of sparring with you as a fantastic instructor, with Miss Gustafson and Miss Laval, and with Colonel O'Toole, and Mr.Goodliffe. My skills are improving with the practice, and I am having great fun. *grins*

See you all on the practice green!

Amber_Palowakski said...

Lady Eva, I had a wonderful time at your ball. Your home is BEAUTIFUL! Many lauds toward Lady Kate. Blessed be!

barken Roff said...

Your Grace Loch Avie,

Please allow me to apologize for my outburst of this Saturday past. As an ambassador of his August Majesty, King Bruno of Bulgaria and as a guest in your home it was totally inexcusable.

Please extend my apologies to all, well, almost all, of your guests.

I can only offer as an excuse the love of my homeland, something I am sure you can identify with in regards to Caledon.

Count Barken Roff
Vulgarian Ambassador to Caledon
Cousin to His August King Bruno of Vulgaria