Aug 7, 2007

May I Present to you Dame Lapin Paris...

The Lady Of Tanglewood.

Last evening in Tanglewood, Her Excellency, Kamilah Hauptmann, presided over an extremely well-attended ceremony to induct Lapin Paris into the chivalry. A more worthy individual would be difficult to find. Her grace and style under pressure and her personal investment in the Relay For Life speaks volumes for this wonderful lady.

She was cheered and lauded by MANY in Caledon for an extended period of time during and after her official ceremony. (Beautifully done, Your Excellency!!)

Below are just a few snapshots of the moments shared last night. Please join me in extending your congratulations and thanks to Dame Lapin when next you see her.

Dubbed with a wrench - an instrument of creation...not destruction

Among the crowd, Sir JJ Drinkwater, Miss Serra Anansi, Miss Autopilotpatty Poppy, The Duchesses of Loch Avie and Carntaigh, Grafinya Kate Nicholas, and Miss Terry Lightfoot.


Mr. 1wuz Gray's presentation and poem.

Loch Avie, Carntaigh, and Inbhir Abigh

Dame Lapin hugs Her Excellency, Kamilah Hauptmann

The cavalry witnesses the event.


Amber_Palowakski said...

It was a wondrously heart-warming event. Congratulations again, Dame Lapin!