Aug 13, 2008

St. Kitts Safe???

Kate Nicholas
Boyarina, Winterfell Eventide
12 August

Dear Kate-
I sit here in my makeshift offices while abroad on holiday staring at a letter that has just been delivered by special courier from my cousin, Gabrielle. It is an invitation to make sure that I am able to join our Benevolent Dictator for Life, Desmond, in St. Kitts this coming Monday for a beach party. ???

She says that he had an external consultant review the stability and safety of the island, and that it has been declared entirely safe. My word, Kate! How is that possible? When last we took measurements on the island, the geologic patterns suggested entirely the opposite as I recall.

I fear that St. Kitts is entirely UN-safe. This could prove to be a disaster of epic proportions if Desmond's "experts" are wrong.

The courier has awaited my response to Gabi, which I have written expressing my fears, and that same gentleman is to deliver this to you. I am cutting my holiday short, and am having my things packed post-haste to join you as soon as is possible. I suggest that we must gather more seismic and geologic data as soon as possible for review by the Guvnah.

I am, as ever, your dear friend and colleague~



Kate Nicholas, F.R.S. said...


My word. This is going to be a disaster of biblical proportions. Saint Kitt is anything but safe! We have reams of figures that are fairly blunt about the fact that the volcano is unstable.

Please spread the word: I've provided a public warning via a Proceedings editorial.

If my efforts are unsuccessful in changing public opinion, then, well, gospodi pomilui.



Diamanda Gustafson said...

I would think it is too late for changing the public opinion at this point. Word has travelled very far already.

My poor tiki bar!