Aug 13, 2007

The Presentation Ball of the Court of Carntaigh

On August 11th, Her Grace Gabrielle Riel, The Duchess of Carntaigh, graciously hosted a ball in honor of her court. It was a grand affair, which was well attended by many Caledonians as well as guests from other lands.

The Members of the Court of Carntaigh await presentation.

The Court of Carntaigh's Dance

Featured music included, Handel's Water Music and Fireworks Music, and Orff's Carmina Burana.

Colonel Exrex Somme and Lady Kate Nicholas

Another view of Lady Kate's exquisite Tsarina Gown by Shenlei

The Duchesses Dance

(foreground) Dr. Oolon Sputnik and Lady Darkling Elytis

My dance with Sir ZenMondo Wormser

A waltz with Jarl Otenth Paderborn

Mr. JJ Drinkwater and Miss Serra Annasi

The evening concluded on a spectacular note with fireworks and applause.

Thank you Gabrielle. It is an evening that will not soon be forgotten.