Oct 20, 2008

Announcement of Three Special Events This Week - DATES CORRECTED

October 22nd at 7pm SLT ~ Story-Telling Event On Grounds of the Monestary in Caer Blanco.

Caer Blanco is a special sim, created specially for Halloween by some of Second Life’s top designers. There is a fully furnished haunted castle, a crooked cottage, a ghostly ship, and a ruined monastery to explore. There are also silent auction items avaialable and many special events planned. All this will raise funds for a small medical clinic in Lesotho, Southern Africa, through the charity Partners for Others.

Hotspur O'Toole will lead the group in a story-telling session whose theme is Inner Fright. Come prepared to listen to several short-stories in this theme - and perhaps to share your own.
What scares YOU? Vampires? Spiders? The economy? Success?

October 23rd at 7pm-9pm SLT ~ Gypsy-Themed Dance on the Grounds Surrounding the Castle of Caer Blanco.

Diamanda Gustafson will DJ and I will provide hostessing assistance.
Theme: Gypsy
Muscial Style: Flamenco and Gypsy

There are other possible events, including a live musical performance, for this charity for this week as well. Once I have confirmation I will post the information on that.

And Finally....

It seems that my own dear friends in the Royal Society in their zeal for knowledge performed a survey of the grounds of Loch Avie. Professor Krogstad was quite beside himself when he discovered "something" underneath one of the smaller hills in my lands. So of course, he and Professor Nicholas immediately began digging (in their most I'm-not-going-to-let-the-thrill-of-the-possible-discovery-of-something-HUGE-get-in-the-way-of-scientific-process manner). They tell me that they believe they are on top of a large vault of some sort, but it will be a few days before they can safely break-through what they believe is the opening given the resonance that is showing up on their steam powered sound bouncing device.

But while they have been charged with excitement, I have had an increasing sense of dread. Something is not right. I have the feeling that something evil is approaching, but I cannot run nor hide. I must meet this evil face-to-face.

Meh.....Perhaps we'll dance.

Once again, the BardHaven Ball is coming this Halloween to grab Caledon by the throat and sacrifice it upon a dark and funkadelic altar.

This year BardHaven, the Duchy of Loch Avie and the Royal Society have joined forces to investigate rumors that the scholars have dug too deeply into the dark and twisted history of the House Bellambi. In their zeal to uncover the secrets of the past the intrepid adventurers of the Royal Society have set into motion a terrifying sequence of events.

An ancient tomb has been defiled.

A deathless curse has been invoked.

A multitude of decadent secrets have arisen.

A cornucopia of surprises have been scattered.

A vast array of gifts and door prizes have been assembled.

An unspeakably well-dressed horror has been unleashed upon Loch Avie and all of Caledon.

On Saturday Night, October 25th from 9 PM to 1 AM SLT ~ Caledon Loch Avie

Join Baron Bardhaven, the Duchess of Loch Avie, Dr. Kate Nicholas, and DJ Kiralette Kelley for a party the like of which Caledon and Winterfell have not seen since the LAST BardHaven Ball.

BardHaven Ball: 2omb Raiders…Stop Screaming and Dance.

adapted from BardHaven's post