Oct 3, 2008

Boobie-Thon continues...

and the donations are coming in!

Thanks to everyone for your on-going support for Boobie-Thon and the Susan G. Koman Foundation. My typist and a couple of her friends may be found on the pages of the Thon. Perhaps a few of my readers have submitted pictures for the cause as well. ???Who Knows???

At any rate, I encourage you to visit the site, and make a donation. I also invite you to The Boobie Ball in Winterfell. It's TOMORROW at 12pm SLT in the Taure En Lor Ballroom. My sincere thanks to Miss Serra Anansi for all her work on this and to our vendors. So far generous Caledonians, Winterfallen, and some of our neighbors from Steelhead and Antiquity have donated over 14000L. (So that adds up to ~52000L by the time both Miss Serra and I match the donations. That's $200 USD. ) We know how generous you are and that more will be coming in via our kiosks in Winterfell and Caledon Loch Avie tonight and tomorrow.

BoobieThon has our advert for the Ball on the main page hoping that anyone who visits their site AND is in SL will choose to come join us.

Cheers everyone!! FEEL THOSE BOOBIES!!