Oct 18, 2008

The Tomb of Marcus Nonius Macrinus FOUND

The discovery of an 1,800-year-old stone mausoleum on the banks of the River Tiber was hailed by experts as "extraordinary" and one of the most important Roman finds for decades.

This tomb was built to contain the remains of Marcus Nonius Macrinus, a proconsul and a favorite of Marcus Aurelius, who ruled as emperor from 161 AD to his death in 180 AD. Macrinus was appointed a proconsul in Asia Minor and was known to describe himself as "chosen out of the closest friends".

The video below from the Telegraph in the UK give us a quick taste of the wonderful find (whilst linking it to Hollywood).

There is also more information at National Geographic's site. I actually like this video a bit better, but they are not sharing the code to embed in this manner. Do go have a look.