Oct 8, 2008

Boobie-Thon Breaks Record!!

Thanks in large part to all of you who donated at the Boobie Ball, and to those who donated directly on the Thon site (who got the pass for Pay Per Boobies).

The week long event closed at $9300.00 US.


And many thanks to the founders, Chief Boobie Officer, photo submitters, and other fine volunteers at Boobie-Thon! See you again next year!

The Duke and Duchess of Middlesea
Podruly and Kiralette

Part of the crowd

Mr. Subghoul Epsilon looking fabulous in his pink waist coat and tie.

Soliel Snook

Hypatia, me, and JJ dancing the evening away as the donations just kept pouring in.

Lord BardHaven - having lost his shirt for charity, inspires the men to bare and feel their own chests.
Men get breast cancer as well. It was a fact of which many at the ball were not aware. Thankfully the educational resources were at hand.

A Vicereine and Two Duchesses - work the dance floor for the cause.