Oct 17, 2008

The Steelhead Adventure Series

I am honored to have been included in this Steelhead Adventure series. You'll find my first entry into the entwined stories over at Scéal an Ghamhna Bhuí, which is a collaborative blog much like The High Tea and Adventure Society has been.

However, before you head on over there, you should - if you have not already been following the stories in the blogs - do a little reading.

Links for your use as you see fit:

The Background found in Sheriff Ortega's Journal
The First Entry - Steelhead Adventures: Problems Begin. Written August 5th.
The List, The Surprise, The Reply
After the the posts above, the rest of Fuzzball's posts may be found with more frequency in August, September, and October in The Ortega Chronicles

Purdie Uggla, Fuzzball's Cousin, also tells part of the tale in his blog. The first entry from Purdie was written on August 7th.

(*for continuity's sake you may wish to keep both blogs up at the same time and bounce back and forth based on dates the entries were written)

Just a few weeks ago as the plans were being hatched on this collaboration, Scéal an Ghamhna Bhuí was created in the hopes of maintaining some continuity with these as well as other stories.

An Old Enemy Resurfaces was posted on September 25th by Hotspur O'Toole. Further entries are easily found, including the one I wrote today: On The Trail of a Missing Agent.

Will copies all the posts migrate to the single location? Not sure yet. But I must say that I find the stories very interesting and enjoyable. Congratulations, Fuzzball! You, Purdie, and Hotspur have done very nice work on this. Thanks for asking me to join in.


Fuzzball Ortega said...

Should also point out that on the side of The Ortega Chronicles blog, one of the Blog Gadgets is the links to the story. It'd be under Steelhead Adventures: Silver Poison. That should be udated, soon to include the final chapter.

I'll add the gadget for the new story as well.