Oct 1, 2008

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

In the event that you have not realized this by now, I am a strong supporter of breast cancer prevention, research, and treatment. As well, I understand that patients and their families/caregivers need to find the solutions and support that are best for them. Throughout this month you will find articles here on my blog - from the ridiculous to the sublime - about this particular topic.

Yes - my typist is part of the Boobie-Thon blogger effort to raise money for the Susan G. Koman Foundation. Does she do this because she is an exhibitionist?


She does this because it is a novel way to raise awareness as well as money in the battle against one of the top killers of women. One in eight women will develop breast cancer. It's hard to grab (pun entirely intended) and hold the attention of the populace these days, and I think this is one effort that actually gets people thinking while they enjoy the beauty that is the female form.

Another unique education and prevention group that I am fully supporting (including a magnet on my car) is Feel Your Boobies. Take time to watch their video. It's well worth it. Then check out the site.

Don't forget to donate to Boobie-Thon!! We'd love to see you on Saturday at the Boobie Ball in Winterfell where your donations will be matched by both Miss Serra and me, but if you cannot join us, due to RL commitments, please make your donation directly. The link is to your right here on the Red Rose.