Oct 23, 2008

Tales of Fear

The event in Caer Blanco went very well last night, I am pleased to report. Our story-telling session led by Mr. Hotspur O'Toole was attended by a very enthusiastic audience. Maximum attendance was 17. Donations collected directly were over $8000L, unsure of others made in the kiosk near the teleportation site.

There were four stories told by Mr. O'Toole.
The Foundations of Our Traditions: a zombie invasion short story
The Tell Tale Heart: Poe's story of obsession and murder
The Bowmen: a story about a supernatural salvation
Dey Ain't No Ghosts: done in dialect,and edited for language

And now I shall let the story of the evening unfold through pictures.

Skusting Dagger and Breezy Carver from New Babbage along with Miss J. Dagger.

Miss Serafina Puchkina and Mr. Gatsby Szuster (foreground)

A motley crew: Miss Nabila Nadir, Colonel Exrex Somme, Eva, and Mr. Hotspur O'Toole

Miss CeAire DeCosta

Madame Bing, and Miss Quintessa

Master Jimmy Branagh, Mr. Mosseveno Tenk, and Dr. Augustus Dayafter

"Oooo. Did you hear that, Somme?"

Spinning the tale

The Ruins

The teller of the tales.

Thanks to Hotspur and to all who attended and were so generous with their hard earned (or purchased) Lindens.