Oct 4, 2008

Your Generosity Has Blown Me Away!

Serra and Eva

The Boobie Ball, hosted by Miss Serra Anansi and me, has been a HUGE success.

There will be many more pictures and the final totals along with the story tomorrow. But let me just say this. When I left the ball 45 minutes after it's scheduled end time, donations will still coming in, and the total on the board was about 230,ooo Lindens. Now that in and of itself is completely incredible!! The total will triple when we send our money to Susan G. Koman via Boobie-Thon, since Miss Serra and I are
both matching your funds, and we'll have 690,000 Lindens or more than $2600.00 US.

Serra and Eva in front of the donation board, which was smokin' by the end of the ball. :-D

THANK YOU!! Thank you, friends from Caledon and Winterfell. Thank you friends from Steelhead and Antiquity, and Leaf Roller. Thank you Europans.
THANKS to ALL of you for dropping by, dancing, showing off those wonderful avatarian breasts and chests, and most of all for caring enough to donate money to help save women from breast cancer.

Much love to all of you!



Melissa said...

Thank you thank you thank you! What you have done is simply amazing!!! I can not say thank you enough!! I am blown away.

robyn said...

Thank you so much - just can't say that enough!

Kat said...

Thank you both so much for helping to raise money for the boobiethon! I read your totals and was blown away!
Awesome job ladies!