Oct 8, 2008

For Zealot

Now is the time when distance from friends becomes very difficult. And given recent events in my own life, I feel this more acutely now than ever.

Digression of Grief

I am with you in your sorrow.

Falling water all around, the sound filling the empty spaces,
Streams flowing all around us,
Yet not quite consuming what we are.

We are brought low.
Covered glass,
Strips of cloth,
How can it be explained?
Life is ever changed.

Falling water
Streaming down our faces

I am with you in your sorrows.

Tenuhamu min Hashamayim, Zealot.



Anonymous said...

In this twilight between funeral and shiva, your words are a beacon.

Thank you.

As always my dear Duchess, you illuminate.


Her Grace, Eva Bellambi said...

*nods her head softly*

Tenuhamu min Hashamayim, Zealot.