Oct 31, 2008

The Art of Story-Telling

October 30th provided opportunity to hear some very fine story-telling. Events were held in Caer Blanco and in Steelhead.

As previously reported in this journal, Baron BardHaven read 2 stories, which were broadcast to the audience via media stream with discussion before and after each reading. BardHaven's event was well attended and monies raised toward the medical clinic build. Those in attendance seemed to enjoy hearing the stories as the emotions were vocally conveyed well.

Then later in SLT, Steelhead hosted the continuation of their Spooky Story Festival with Hotspur O'Toole and Elgia Underwood mesmerizing us with their tales by Ambrose Bierce, Robert Howard, and Anatole France told both in text and voice. They were all well told and well received.

Grand fun. My typist called me away from the event at around Midnight so she could follow another story type that has really caught her attention. True Blood on HBO.