Apr 10, 2007

As promised - Relay for Life and Mermaid in the Loch

First my apologies that there has been a delay in posting this promised entry. But I hope that you will enjoy the content and the pictures from some of the adventures from Friday and Saturday of the last week.

First a few words about Relay for Life:

By participating in an American Cancer Society Relay For Life® event near you, you honor cancer survivors, pay tribute to the lives lost to the disease, and raise money to help fight it – all right in your community.

Much more than a walk around a track, Relay is a time to celebrate those who have battled cancer, remember those lost and get inspired to fight back. Those who have shared the same experience find common ground, hope and healing at Relay. By participating, you have the power to continue the American Cancer Society's progress toward a future where cancer doesn't take the lives of our friends and family.

Here's how your involvement helps:

Saving Lives
Every dollar you raise makes a difference to people in your community whose lives are touched by cancer. The Society has contributed to almost every major discovery in cancer research. Millions of lives have been saved as a result, including people you may know. For those people and countless others, the research the Society has funded is resulting in better ways to prevent, detect, and treat cancer.

The American Cancer Society will also continue to exert influence on all levels of government, advocating for stronger policies and enacting legislation that will save lives and conquer cancer.

Helping Those Touched by Cancer
When cancer affects you or someone you love, the American Cancer Society can lessen your fears and provide inspiration through our many programs and services - all free of charge and made possible through donations from local communities.
Your donations also give those touched by cancer answers to their questions and offer places to turn for help in their community through the Society's Web site, http://www.cancer.org/ and our 24-hour toll-free number, 1-800-ACS-2345.

Empowering People to Fight Back Against Cancer
A cancer survivor's recovery involves much more than medical treatments - it takes hope to heal. By participating in the American Cancer Society Relay For Life®, those touched by cancer can feel empowered to fight back against this disease.

All of this is made possible because of activities like Relay For Life®. Are you ready to get involved? It's easy! Relay For Life® is about being a community that takes up the fight!

Contact any of us in the RFL Team in Caledon. Lapin Paris is our Captain. You will also find kiosks for donations throughout our fair land. And this weekend, please join us for the Relay for Life Renaissance Faire in Caledon Carntaigh. Many more events are planned. I shall endeavor to share those with you in this forum. I also have a special edition Boosters' Newsletter in press at this moment, which shall provide more information about Relay for Life including some words from Virrginia Tombola about her involvement in this cause.

On Saturday our Caledon Relay for Life (RFL) team held it's teddy bear picnic. I unfortunately missed the first part of that event, but did show up in time to find, ZenMondo Wormser as a tartan bunny, Dr.Graves in another tiny avitar, Mr Scaggs in his red skin...and naught else, and lovely Violet Schnabel as a woodlands faerie. Below you will see my debut as a Mermaid at this event.

Another benefit of Relay for Life is the sense of community that it creates for us in Caledon. Granted there is already a strong sense of community, but I find that I am getting to know more and more of our fine citizens given my involvement. Friday night there was an impromptu celebration of ZenMondo Wormser's RL birthday held at the RFL Headquarters in Tanglewood. A great time was had by all - especially the birthday boy.

(l-r) Mr Exrex Somme, Mr JJ Drinkwater, Your Dancing Duchess, and the Birthday Boy, Mr ZenMondo Wormser

Our Captain, Ms Lapin Paris flanked by Mr Burtram Forester, and Erasmus (Please forgive me sir, I have forgotten your last name. I did enjoy meeting you and your lovely lady, though, and hope to see more of both of you in the future.)

"What's that you say? There is a mermaid in Loch Avie??!? It's WHO??"

Diving in from the Tower

A convenient way to check in with my favorite Water Horse, Nellie.

Duchess as Mermaid, resting after a long swim in the Loch.