Apr 20, 2007

Cannons, and Ships, and Gunfire. Oh My!

To: Interior Ministry, Foreign Ministry, CHIT Commanders
cc: MI 5 Operatives, Militia Leadership
From: Head MI 5
Re: Events at the Loch on 19 April

Sometimes one never needs to leave home to find intrigue and adventure.

What started out as a lovely, quiet evening on the Loch turned out to be anything but the buccolic scene envisioned. As I was touring about the Loch last evening, showing the new distillery building and public house to Loch Avie's good friend, Mr ZenMondo Wormser, there was suddenly a quickly flying avatar overhead. Initially we continued our current discussion about the good work that Lady Kate Nicholas is doing on the manse building, which is quite a drammatic structure and will be extraordinary once all the interior work is completed....but I digress...as we walked down the hill towards the inlet that Nellie favors, we were suddenly and greatly alarmed at what we saw.

A gunship in Loch Avie??!!

There before us was an enormous ship, not quite rezed in the waters of the Loch, having two very large cannons. And the cannon were firing on MY Keep! I was shouting to the avatar demanding that he stop immediately, and was just about ready to bounce him onto his behind in some distant mainland sim after time spent well above the atmosphere when he finally called out to us. The cannon fire stopped. I demanded to know WHO he was and what he thought he was doing firing at ME and my guest - and on my OWN LAND!

He introduced himself as Sgt. Gideon Biederman and stated that he was newly enrolled in the Caledon militia. He also said that the ship and the cannon were his latest inventions for the upcoming war. I quickly whispered to Mr Wormser that he should continue talking to the "gentleman" keeping him distracted whilst I called the offices of MI 5 for a rapid background check on this chap. As I was doing this, the little man brought out his next creation.

Cannon for our Militia - or so he says....

Mr Wormser and I inspect the cannon more closely.

Intellegence reports indicate that this avitar is only a week old, and yet these creations are quite sophisticated. I am most suspicious, and will keep this Biederman (a very tutonic name...hmm) close-by for further observation. Once the cannon fire started, Mr Wormser and I noted the fine workmanship and began asking questions. I also sent communications via the secure channel to two of my military experts, Colonels Somme and O'Toole. They arrived post haste to take in the scene.

Not long after their arrival more weapons found their way into the Loch. This is the newest ship (for the Caledon Navy??) purchased by Colonel O'Toole. The shipbuilder, Fleet Admiral Chase Speculaas, arrived during a fierce mock battle between the ship and the cannon perched on land. The men seemed to be having great good fun. I watched with a careful eye.

On board the new ship.

This ship handled quite well save when she was caught in the sim border.

This weapons play went on for quite some time, but did allow me to get a closer look at abilities and weapons. Needless to say, many ships were rezed, many guns and suits of armor displayed, and so on.

You may be happy to know that my Keep held firm and took no damage despite the cannon shots.

Several people went into the pub whilst we were at this business, so they must have felt safe within the Loch's borders--or the whisky was doing its work well. Ms S. O'Flynn, who has been in SL since 2003 even joined our party for a little while. A brave and hearty soul she has! And most charming as well. I hope to run into her again sometime soon.

This ends the report. I look forward to your thoughts.


End Transmission


Virrginia Tombola said...

How odd! I just met Mr. Biedermann the other day in a Nickelodeon in New Babbage. At the time, he was not carrying a large cannon. Not visibly, at least. Much less a ship.

So...betwixt the Nickelodean and the Loch...WHERE did he find such contrivances?

But still, a very genial fellow, and had an appreciation for Magic Lantern shows one must find admirable, however much he might also display the unfortunate tendency to shell Things That Oughten Be Shelled.

Her Grace, Eva Bellambi said...

Virrginia -
Thank you for the information on Sgt Biederman. I am glad to know of his other side...and more appropriate behavior.
Next time he shells the Loch (if he does again) I shall contact you for air support on the ornithopters.


Amber_Palowakski said...

Many strange things afoot in Caledon these days, Your Grace. I must escape the Keeper's hands upon my soul and return to the land of the living post haste, to help defend our Caledon! Besides, I deeply miss drinking your Uisge Beatha!

Lady Amber

Amber_Palowakski said...

Many strange things afoot in Caledon these days, Your Grace. I must escape the Keeper's hands upon my soul and return to the land of the living post haste, to help defend our Caledon! Besides, I deeply miss drinking your Uisge Beatha!

Lady Amber

Current Population: 2 said...

Ah, Your Grace, I have a slight confession to make.

I met Mr Biedermann in Tanglewood and he seemed a very friendly chap. He had indeed built a most impressive artillery piece, however it was without the internal workings to actually launch a projectile. So I...er...gave him a hand, manufacturing a few components in the Circus toolshop that would allow his mighty gun to fire.

I was assured the cannon was only to be used in defence of Caledon, and I do apologise if my assistance has caused you any inconvenience. I am thankful that the shells I supplied him with contained only coloured flash powder, as I hate to think what damage may have occured otherwise.

Many apologies once again,

Yours Faithfully,

Colonel Alfonso Avalanche