Apr 18, 2007

Odd Things Afoot

Begin transmission.

To: Foreign Affairs Ministry, Internal Affairs Ministry
cc: MI 5 Operatives
From: Head, MI 5
Re: Concerning events of the last few days
Recommendation: High Alert. Be mindful of all that is happening around you. Please send reports directly to this office for coordination of intellegence efforts.


1. Undercover Gnome, Agent Tinlegs has been out in the field. Following is the report he filed.

Due to the damnable conditions for flying in SL today I decided to reconoiter NeuAltenberg instead. Not much to report really. A large lady gave me a beer. A lovely Baroness welcomed me to NeuAltenberg. I watched Herr Edelweiss
apparently struggling to operate a lock on a door to what could have been either a stables or a shower room. I rather think a stables since I see no reason to attach an armored locking door to a shower.
...they seem to be part way through refurbishing the guardhouse at the old city wall to be a modern barracks. Not very sensible to me as that would leave the local manner house and beergarten outside the defensive wall and open to attack. While Herr Edelweiss did caution a visitor that there were spies all about no one challenged me. Even though I was standing right there. So I was not forced to use my well thought out and cunning escape plan. respond to any challenge with "I
bist ein jelly dougnut!" then run like hell whilst they try to figure out what I said.
Hopefully there may be a useful tidbit you can pull from this report. (Perhaps instead of pumpkins we should invade and take over their beergarten for a right good piss up wherein we drink their entire supply of beer.)

2. This report was filed from BardHaven's Department of Scandal and Innuendo.

3. Seen by Head of MI 5. A group of shadowy figures skulking about the Falling Anvil in Tamrannoch. In the dark of the night - even with my steampunk night vision goggles on - it was difficult to discern the faces of these characters. What was obvious was that several of this number were female although near as I could tell they were all dressed alike. They appeared to be holding some sort of conference. What they might be planning is of concern to me particularly with all the talk of war between Caledon and Neualtenberg. I must learn more about this group: Are they citizens of Caledon? Are they friend to Caledon or foe?? What are they planning?

Further communications will follow.

End transmission.


Current Population: 2 said...

Erm, that might have been some of the Mirandas having a wind down beer. That's certainly where I found several in the early hours of Monday morning....

But then again, perhaps the joyful innocence of the Miranda has been scandalously plundered for nefarious purposes!

Fuschia Begonia