Apr 16, 2007

Ready for the Fields – or Divans – of Battle

Just a quick article today to sing the praises of my good friend, Edward Pearse. It is well known that as the war efforts began, Edward rapidly began uniform development. Shortly after I learned that he had completed design and creation of several of these uniforms for the men and women of Caledon, I took the short walk from Loch Avie to his shop in Victoria City. I was pleased to find that his work was on display and was of the highest quality. I was sad to learn, however, that the Highlands uniform was not available to those of the fairer sex.

Given my heritage, I felt that I MUST have the Highlands Regiment gear, and thus I contacted him straight away.

Good man that he is, he took my commission to develop the fine uniform, which you see presented before you today. The workmanship is fantastic, and the detail – right down to the red roses on the stockings and the sterling chain of the sporran – is incredible. I am most pleased that he agreed to design this for me.

Watching from the Loch Avie keep. Ever at the ready.

Scanning the horizon for airships.

Colonel Bellambi

Given my role as head of MI 5, and my title and responsibilities as Duchess Loch Avie, I may never actually see (public and open) combat on the front lines. However, I am now prepared to be present for the troops in the field, whether in close combat beside them, or assisting with the planning whilst on the divan in the campaign tent.

Thank you Mr. Pearse.


Hotspur O'Toole said...

A most bellicose look, Colonel. You would do credit to the Royal Procession. Of course, with those skirts, a divan rather than a saddle would be an appropriate spot to direct the war effort from.. perhaps. We all like a good divan!

Edward Pearse said...

And a fine figure of a woman you look in your uniform too Colonel.

A cause worth fighting for all by yourself!

Telemachus said...


a grand look for you, truly. Quite fierce.

And I have seen (though thankfully never sung) the Carmina...it is breathtaking, surely. I must find the techno version you mention....

My sincere thanks again for your initiative on behalf of RLF.