Apr 4, 2007

A fine evening spent amongst the hobos

What started out for me as a quiet evening riding Bucephalus around Caledon ended as something else altogether different. Although I should have been working on the manor house build for the Loch, I determined that I would get Bucephalus out of the stable and take him for some exercise. We rode from the Loch through a section of Vic City, turned, and followed the train tracks into the Moors. My old property there is looking even more ancient as Mr Ulsch creates his ruins. From there we rode into Tamrannoch. Bucephalus is such a fine steed that he seems to understand the necessity of crossing the sim borders at just the right pace so as not to come apart at the prims. Thank God! We made our way to the telehub and turned toward the Anvil. Finding no one there, we trotted on past Chateau Polymath and headed toward the Gallery in Tamrannoch. It was at this point that Ms Frequency Picnic, Mr Hotspur O'Toole, and Ms Hermoine Pennyfeather rezed out of the aether in front of us.

These fine patriots had been high above practicing their bombing techniques when they ran into a bit of engine trouble and came crashing down to earth. I spent a little time performing physical examination on the three of them in an effort to determine if there were any injuries that would require further medical treatment back at the Loch. Fortunately they all appeared to be in good health and spirits.

Conversation drifted to l'homme mort au Chateau Polymath. We were all still laughing about some of the pictures that have been taken with our dear skeletal gentleman, when it was suggested that a singular photograph of me still needed to be recorded. Wondering whether it was possible, I commanded Bucephalus to sit on the bench along with me. He is such a willing companion, that he obeyed immediately not caring that he might be partially swollowed into the earth.

Fear not, though, he is in fine shape and seems none the worse for wear. I think he was having as much fine as I was with this bit of "art".

As I spoke further with this amicable crew, I heard Ms Picnic and Mr O'Toole describing Calleta and the land of the Hobos and mentioned that I should like to travel there with them sometime as it sounds like an entirely interesting place.
We decided to make an expedition of it nearly immediately. So I took Bucephalus back to the stables and went along.

I met a number of very interesting people in the hobo camp. They were all quite friendly and seem genuinely happy to see our little group out and about in their sim. By this point Ms Virrginina Tombola had joined our happy crew as well. As some watched the hobos performing their amazing hobo gymnastics, some of us decided to go explore the pier area of the sim. It was good to let my hair down and just have some fun. I changed into some "play clothes" and climbed aboard a tire swing. Grand fun it was, too!

Mr O'Toole was kind enough to ensure that I was safely on the swing before giving me an enormous push, which had my head spinning right along with the rest of me. It was tremendously fun! I was, however, seeing swirling stars once I jumped off the swing.

Ms Tombola seemed to enjoy the swing nearly as much as I did.

I was fortunate enough to pick up a Sea Gull whist I visited Calleta. I shall likely introduce her into her new home in the Loch sometime soon. Hopefully the bird and Nellie will get along smashingly.

Coming soon.....more talk of war and espionage (tunneling into the lingere department?).


Edward Pearse said...

And very nice looking play clothes they are too :-)