Apr 5, 2007

The Loch is Taking Shape

Last evening found me working away on the Manor House. You may recall that Kate and I had worked several days ago to get the tower portion started. The development of the manse itself was quite delayed due to RL and SL obligations. Well if I am to be entirely truthful with you, simple sloth and procrastination also played roles in this delay.

However, I now have a renewed sense of urgency as I am anxious to host several events over the course of the next month or two. While many of the events might take place in the new distillery and pub - or even out on the fields of the Loch - one does need a proper ballroom, drawing room, and library to really consider oneself ready for varioius kinds of entertaining.

Jess Patton has been hard at work on the distillery and public house buildings. As you can see they are nearly complete. I am most pleased thus far.

As I was working on the manse last night, I received an urgent call in service of our Independent State. But more on that later....