Apr 8, 2007

Party On IBM

Despite all the difficulties suffered on the military/intellegence/diplomatic front, there is still joy and fun to be found.
Please see the following resources for a partial history of military events of the last 48-72 hours:
Hibernia on the Skids
Ordinal's Kinescope
The News from BardHaven

I found myself in the fine company of friends at the tiki party last night hosted by my dear friend, Shenlei Flasheart, Dr Rez Tone, and others from IBM. DJ Gabi was on hand to provide a wonderfully eclectic set of music as well.

It was so good to be with Shenlei, Rez, and Zha. Particularly since I had not really spent any time with them for a couple of weeks.

Shenlei and I salsa around the room.

Professor Adso Krogstad was my date for the evening. Here he, in his rawther overdressed state, dances with me in my newly won Tiki Party T-shirt.

Ms Hermoine Pennyfeather shows us her wild and crazy side. She seemed to have a great time - and was certainly ready to snorkle in the reef at any moment.

Dancing with the DJ....Gabrielle Riel

Major Squirrel Zuhal looking very relaxed and happy as he danced around the tiki room.

And the final picture of the night....the stunningly handsome, Mr Exrex Somme dancing the night away. The man does have clothes to suit any occasion.

Coming Next: Relay for Life Parties and a Mermaid in the Loch.


Hotspur O'Toole said...

Nice mumu, Colonel Somme!