Apr 5, 2007

The rest of the story

As mentioned previously, I was working in the Loch last evening when my secure channel rang. Being suddenly called into service I dropped all items of construction, and contacted my particular friend, learned colleague, and MI 5 top operative, Ms Kate Nicholas.

Quite suddenly we were on our way to a classified operation, some of which I can now share with you (minus the top secret bits) having passed the information to appropriate military personnel hours ago. I was to survey and report the status of the Neualtenburg fleet.

Kate and I wound our way through the streets of Neualtenburg quite easily.

I had selected my mainland-operative costume for purposes of anonymity and this worked extraordinarily well. The Neualties did not know what was happening.

Finding the docks, I flew over the so-called ships of war.

Thinking that these pleasure crafts might hold hidden armaments, I thoroughly reviewed the builds with the new photographic equipment provided by my fantasitcally brilliant intellegence agency scientist, K. I am not at liberty to discuss specifics with you at this time. Suffice it to say that the appropriate individuals in the war department have been informed of my findings.

During my time in Neualtenburg, I established contact via the æthernetwork with Her Grace, Gabrielle Riel, of Carntaigh. We remained in contact throughout the operation so that covert extraction might be secured should it be required.

Meanwhile, Kate set up a station on the docks, collecting information needed for scientific research and the war efforts as well. When I joined her, we determined that we should leave a calling card for our enemy lest they feel too comfortable here behind their own borders.

(above) Kate posts the Caledon Expeditionary flag wondering if it will even be noticed.

Once the scientific portion of the operation was completed, Kate returned to headquarters to begin her analysis.

I determined to remain a little longer and attempt to discover any aircraft hangers. To my surprise, one lighter-than-air craft specimen was in plain view. A full examination was once again completed.

Could this really be all their airfleet has to offer??

Rather suddenly I heard loud noises coming from multiple directions at several meters away. Understanding that my position was being triangulated, I contacted Her Grace Carntaigh to send the closest extraction force. The call was sent out over the secure æthernetwork channel. I was more than pleased to make it safely to the planned emergency extraction site in time to see the DaVinci copter coming in for a landing.

Colonel O'Toole managed to get us air-borne before the local militia and everyday citizenry of Neualtenburg were able to get to my location.

Shortly after we were in the air we began to have engine trouble. I was most thankful to see Virrginia Tomobola in her bicycle-balloon offering escort to us. I am unsure what weaponry may be available on her flying machine, but thankfully we were able to set down safely outside the reach of their military.

We rested for a while in the tents of a gypsy encampment and plotted our next actions after I contacted the war department to notify them of my safety, and to make initial report.

For a full report from the extraction team please read this æthernet site.


Gnarlihotep Abel said...

Such a daring and expertly conducted operation! Well done Your Grace :)

Hotspur O'Toole said...

You certainly kept a cool head under fire, Your Grace. Next time, however, you may wish to send a lower ranking operative. Imagine the fate of Caledon's war plans were you to fall into enemy hands! 'Tis too awful to contemplate.

Her Grace, Eva Bellambi said...

Colonel O'Toole-
There are some things that must be handled at the highest levels...and that is all I may comment about that. Also, you know my proclivity for adventure. My training - and Scottish stubbornness - would have prevented any plans from falling into enemy hands even under the most extreme duress; however, I am flattered by your concern for my person.

I thank you again for your efforts on my behalf. You were there just when needed!

Mr Abel - I thank you for your comments and kindness. I look forward to reading further on your adventures.