Apr 11, 2007

Mr Tinlegs' Marvelous Machine

It was only a couple of nights ago that after inspecting the progress on the Loch Avie Public House I decided to meet my good friend, Kate Nicholas, over in Tamrannoch. We had several things to discuss including some new furniture that she has created. She has done lovely work on these pieces. Of particular note is the viewing screen, which may be used with the latest in steampunk technology for projecting films for enjoyment, or perhaps slides from our many noted scientists in the Royal Society during lectures and discussions. Once I obtain her permission I would like to be able to showcase some of her work in these humble pages.

As we parted ways that evening, I determined to follow the green dots in Tamrannoch. In doing so, I met up with three of my good friends, Andousol Serapis, Amplebeak Tinlegs, and Hotspur O'Toole having a lovely evening at the Falling Anvil. I found them mid-conversation discussing Mr Tinlegs' Gnomish Flying Machine. He has been hard at work on this device. As he was my next-door neighbor in the Moors prior to my move to the Loch, I felt it not at all impertinent to request a demonstration of the machine. Not understanding gnomish technology or Elvin magik engines, I had hoped for a ride=along with the inventor. He rezed the contraption there beside the Anvil and told me that I might feel free to climb aboard. I did so, and the machine sat quietly, but did not like my presence. As I was not the owner, it would not even let me sit down. Wishing for my crash helmet, I told Mr Tinlegs that I was up to a ride, and that I would do my best to "surf" the machine whilst he was at the controls. Well.....I was rather unceremoniously thrown off and onto my, erm, backside right there in the middle of town. Thankfully I was unharmed. Mr Tinlegs was beside himself with concern for me and apologized profusely. His good lady inquired if she might be of assistance to me, but as I was unhurt, I simply brushed off my skirts.

Having this brief taste of the power of this marvelous flying machine, I boldly inquired whether there might be a model that I could test-fly. I heard the warnings from Mr O'Toole and Mr Tinlegs about the craft's willful nature, but I thought that I would like to give it a go just the same. (What was traveling through my mind was that MI 5 could possibly utilize these airships for rapid - and nearly silent - entrance and extraction on future missions. I had to give it a try!)

Not being a military airship captain myself, and having only minimal experience behind the controls of my own personal aircraft, I requested operating instructions from Mr Tinlegs. He provided excellent instructions and I felt quite comfortable taking a "seat" at the controls.

Despite what you may have read in other places, my flight started out beautifully. It took me a little while to gain the altitude that I desired, but I finally did achieve this somewhere near Lady Amber Palowakski's property in the Moors.

What a wonderful and exhilarating moment as I rocketed up towards the moon. I felt that I might be able to touch it. I took the craft as far up as I would dare without proper instruction on her stalling altitude. Still things were going well until I turned back towards Tamrannoch. It was as if the machine did not wish to stop flying; she did not want me to return. Suddenly time and space no longer felt real. I was spinning. Plummeting into the earth. All around me was green, then gray, and then....deep blackness. I could see - nothing.

My breathing was loud and heavy from the exertion of trying to control my flight. As my respirations began to settle down I could hear something. Quietly at first, then growing louder. I heard Mr Tinlegs and Andousol. They were talking to ME. All was still blackness. I heard Mr Tinlegs say; "I think I have enough weight on the craft to hold it down, Your Grace. It should be alright now."

I replied, "I cannot see you - or anything for that matter. Can you see me? Can you HEAR me?"

"Yes, Your Grace." came the reply from both of them. "You are kneeling underwater beneath the ship"
I could not fathom it. Suddenly, the darkness faded and I could see Mr Tinlegs standing on the ship, which was indeed in the little lake behind the Falling Anvil. We were able to converse, however, I still could not move, nor even see myself. Such a predicament.

After a little time passed (and a relog occurred) I was able to stand...still underwater...but could move, see, and hear.
My adrenaline was coursing through my body. What a thrill ride that had been!!

Soon I heard Mr O'Toole, Mr Somme, Ms Pennyfeather, and an unknown guest coming around the corner of the building. I got the marvelous machine and myself out of the lake. Laughed a bit with the friends gathered there. Brushed myself off. Bid Ms Serapis well as she journeyed home, then Mr O'Toole a goodnight as other obligations demanded his attentions. Wisely, I then permitted Mr Somme and Mr Tinlegs to buy a whisky (or several) for me at the Falling Anvil.

I will be on this machine again!! What fun!!